How to get F-Secure Key activation code

I upgraded to F-Secure Key in March 2014 by purchasing the premium edition through iTunes.      When I try to add it to my Subscription List I am asked for an activation code which I understand should have been supplied when I upgraded.    The receipt I obtained from iTunes does not show any Activation Code.  iTunes refer me to F-Secure and F-Secure refer me to iTunes.   I think the best solution may be to cancel the upgrade and forfeit the small sum I paid for the upgrade      Any better suggestions as to how to obtain the Activation Code for KEY?


I am using Windows 7 64 bit and Chrome as Browser.

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    Hi Ted44,


    Thanks for your message.


    I have forwarded this issue to our technicians and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    That's helpful and I look forward to hearing from you or one of your colleagues ere long.



  • Hello Ted44,

    Sorry for the bad upgrade experience! Could you clarify which computers and devices you are using to run F-Secure KEY. You do not need any activation codes from iTunes to make the Windows version go premium. Please let us know and we'll sort this out!





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    My PC is a Dell Inspiron 530 with Windows 7 (64 bit) as the operating program.    The  iTunes Summary Sheet on it shows the icon as F-Secure Key Password Manager-One Password To.....      I'm not sure what comes after the series of fullstops but I'm sure you will.      The summary sheet also gives the Date of Purchase as 14th October 2014.      That is not right - I bought it on 16th March 2014.      I may not be looking in the right place but I can't see a list of my Password Keys anywhere on the PC.   I supposed they would be backed up there.   It may help if I add that the summary sheet says the App is version 2.0.36


    The device I have is an iPodTouch.     It is a 5th Generation version on which the operating program is 8.0.2        I have put into the Key App on that device at least 70+ entries incorporating probably 10+ different passwords.       My concern is that at some future date the iPod Touch will be lost or stolen.       To guard against that I decided to connect the iPod Touch App to a (Hudl) Tablet.      It  was at that stage that I tried to check that my purchase of the Premium Key was recognised under My Subscriptions.      Apparently it isn't but I note that you say I don't need an activation code fro iTunes to make the Windows version go premium.       So how is the purchase recognised?


    I hope the information above will allow you to, understand  my concern and I look forward to hearing from you.       

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    Thank you.      I waited a while for your response and then, in its absence, set about solving the problem myself.      Fortunately I succeeded and I now have an alternative source from which to obtain my Passwords in case of need.        I trust the lack of a response was not caused by your being unwell.

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    i want f secure activation code for mobile.Please help
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    You don't say if you are using the premium edition but, if you are, Harri Kiljander's response to my enquiry last year (14/11/2014) should meet your needs.


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    Jobayer, have you purchased the premium upgrade from Google Play or App Store? If so, you don't need any activation code. Or have your received an activation code from F-Secure and it does not work for some reason?


    You can reach the KEY product team at F-Secure via [email protected]




    Harri Kiljander

    F-Secure KEY team

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