I downloaded and installed F-Secure on my android tablet, my imac, and my windows laptop. I created my password. I cannot get the free license key to sync all of my devices. I got the program through the Shareware website. I followed all instructions. If I can't use the program there is no since in keeping it on 3 different devices. I just hate to have wasted all of my time.


  • Ben
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    Hello JB2,


    Did you have any specific campaign code? The syncing feature is a premium feature. 

    You can use freely Key on separate device but you need to upgrade to PREMIUM before being able to synchronize between devices.


    Please refer to this article.


    • You need to subscribe to the data sync service before you can use it.
  • JB2
    JB2 Posts: 2

    I just wanted to thank whoever just sent me a reply to the email I had sent in  asking for help. I couldn't figure out what else to do, and this is the first time  I have received a reply, so I had went ahead and uninstalled the program. From the looks of the reply I got, it doesn't matter. I never could get a key and  was unable to generate a code. The instructions in the email were confusing to me  so they would not have helped.  That  is the first Shareware program I had this many issues  trying to set up for use. But again I say thanks.

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