Master password disappears after power-down

Master password set to one week, but it is erased every time I switch the power off. It is OK if I put machine to sleep and then wake it up.

Windows 8.1, Virgin user.



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    Maybe it's can be as design.


    Or does you mean... that settings about "autolock after one week" goes to dropped and be default settings for "five minutes autolock" ?


    Here I mean -> current feature (?) about autolock-time related with "session" and just during session (?) should be remembered master-password as time-limit before autolock (which able to configure).


    With shutdown system... it's goes to be new session and need to add else one time (as new time to use) master-password, which will be needed just one time per "one week" (after last using Key UI). And each time with "shutdown/launch" system will be needed current action.


    Sorry if I wrong understand your trouble-meanings. And sorry for hard explanation.

    Maybe F-Secure Key team can to create something more good for explanation or for improve/fix your situation.

  • The "Automatically lock after" setting always stays at one week. If I put the machine to 'sleep' it will ask me for the master password after one week.

    I have to re-enter the master password whenever I power down, ie mains off.

    Are you saying this is a feature of Key?



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    Probably yes...

    "sleep mode" goes be like "still one session" and Key does not goes to lock (as restart application) - and I not sure.. what if current point not normal behavior. But it's same with my experience too.


    But shutdown (or restart) system... will be with "lock" as "Key log out/process stopped/killed". Also.. if you manually choose "Lock" (button) - will be restart for Key-process.


    It's mean here for desktops (on current time) feature more like:


    "Security feature for prevent access.. when you goes from system/machine..... but Key work and anyone can to come and get your passwords".


    Usually it's can be thirty minutes (for example - if it not configure it.. and manually lock - when you want)... and after that Key goes to "lock" (choosed-time after latest use Key UI) and restart for process. So... if anyone come to your machine (device)... he can not to use Key (because he need to know master password and without points for tricks).



    And it's not really work (and created) as "remember me" and "login for hour/day/week/month" (as some web-services maybe). For desktops.


    Because F-Secure Key 2.0 (Mobile versions of current time) was (or still with that) have features.. as you mean:


    -> without "autolock".

    -> and with "remember master-password" for current device.


    Not sure.. if it's not changed with latests versions of F-Key 2 (Mobile).

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