Force PSB to get a new pollicy

Do have anyway to force a PSB workstation to communicate to PSB Server (in the cloud) and get the last policy?  

I have a customer where taking about 6 hours to get a new policy from PSB. He need to get the policy fast, when he modify a profile in the PSB portal. Have any way to force a workstation to get the last policy?


  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Could you tell us when the clients took so long to receive the latest profile from the PSB portal?

    6 hours seems like an abnormally long time. The polling time should, under normal circumstances, be significantly shorter. 


    Also if you want to poll punctually for the latest policy/profile, you can normally achieve that by checking for new updates on the client User Interface.

  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,319 Superuser



    I wonder if "fsmautil.exe poll" would work, if the utility programs's file is copied from an FSCS computer to the PSB Workstation?


    Best regards, Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • plutipluti Posts: 14

    Hi evryone I'm new overhere and I'm not english speking person so I', sorry for my english :).
    I would like to shere with you my opinion about PSB policy download time. I am in progres of migrating from FSCS to PSB for workstation and the standard time of 2h to distribute the policy to host is not acceptable in business.
    Why FS removed check for policy update on clients?
    Anyway I also wolud want know is there any way to forece client to download lates policy right now.

    Best Regards

  • JohannesLJohannesL Posts: 43 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi, Chu!


    Is there any different in your PSB or is it still slow update?


    Pluti: You can right-click on the F-secure icon and choose "Check for update" and it will update right away.



  • plutipluti Posts: 14
    Hi Johannes
    I don't have right-click option to check for updates.
    In application window I have big button "Check for update" with earth icon, but it doesn't download new profiles right now. I also notice that wrong configured profile doesn't apply at all and no message are displayed about it, that's why I posted my previous message.
    Best Regards
  • JohannesLJohannesL Posts: 43 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi, pluti!


    Make sure that you have assigned the client the correct profile in the PSB computers tab.

    Because it should get update right away if you press "Check for update".



  • plutipluti Posts: 14

    I see my clients in PSB computers tab and the profile is correct, I notice that when I change something in profile it sometimes works as You posted (pressing Check ... download profile right away) but making few minutes later another change in profile cause "Check for updates" don't download lates profile for very long time.

  • Hi Daniel,


    As you make the changes to the profile, please remember to publish/distribute the new changes once you are done making them, otherwise the workstations will connect and still see the old profile on the portal and hence won't download the new changes.



  • plutipluti Posts: 14

    Thanks for anwser, I always remeber to publish/distribute, after that PSB is showing that computers are in progress of getting profile and it might take up to 2h, but my servers applyed this profile after 6h and not ewery thing is ok - excluded objects are not visible as in profile editor. I sent fsdig to my local reseler I hope solution will came soon.

    I tried to find solution by my self - make some changes, distribute but profile wasn't downloaded in reasnoble time (like 15 min) even if I cliked "Check for updates" hundred times.


    Best regards


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