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Is RDP allowed in default firewall rules (Office) för FSCS


I use two default firewall profiles on my clients: Office and Office, Printer/File Sharing. As far as I can see there is no specific rule allowing inbound RDP connections but it still works fine to run remote desktop against clients runnintg "F-secure client security premiums v11.51" with the above mentioned default firewall profiles. Seems a bit dangerous to me .Is this correct?


Dean Y

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  • JouniJouni Posts: 135
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    Hello Dean,


    Indeed, by default there is no static firewall rule blocking RDP connection when using those firewall profiles.

    In this case the dynamic firewall rule by application control is triggered, which is allowing the connection.

    More about dynamic firewall rules is explained in following article:

    To block the connection, you can add specific blocking firewall rule on the profile you are using. Of those default firewall profiles the Strict and Mobile profiles for example should be blocking RDP by default, as they have generic deny inbound TCP/UDP rules.

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