pc version F-Secure Key Premium

How to recover pc version F-Secure Key Premium after system reinstall? 


  • Dear Arhi,


    In order to recover your premium purchase, kindly download Key from our website and connect it using the code that you generated from your mobile device through the connect device option.

  • Arhi
    Arhi Posts: 3

    Hello Shahrir.


    Nice try, but not no help on that way. My both android device says “order premium key”. So now only updated password list found in my pc, I don’t know when those android systems lost synchronizing.




  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Posts: 438
    Hi Arhi!

    Did you ever manage to get the syncing problem fixed? Let us know if we can still help!
  • I have same problem. I reinstall Windows 8.1 and now i can't find Key Premium code anywhere. Where i can find it? I have to pay again?



  • Having the same problem :/ no answer from support.
  • Arhi
    Arhi Posts: 3


    Both of my android devices notify, order premium key.

    1. I buy f-key first my pc what is primary device.
    2. I install f-key for my android phone and tablet.
    3. I reinstall my pc (win7)
    4. There is no way to recover that subscription.


    And yes I have that the order confirmation e-mail what say "Keep this email archive. It acts as your proof of purchase, and contains information that is helpful if you want to install your product later."
    Which does not lead to any solution.



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