Policy Manager Console and Cloned PC

Hi all,


I've a question about Policy Manager Console.


I cloned a pc with F-secure already installed. In PMC I can't see the new PC name, I think that f-secure store the original pc name somewhere in system registry and use it to connect to PMC without looking to the real pc name.


The pc is working and can download updates... but is not reached by PMC.


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  • Hi Ben,


    I don't understand. I have to change the UID avery machine reboot?!?!?!?

    There is no way to change it manually one time only?

  • Ben
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    Cloned machines will share the same UID and the PM will therefore consider them as one machine.


    You need to reset the UID of cloned machines once so that each has a different UID and can be identified by the Policy Manager.


    To avoid the need to run the fsmautil on every cloned machine, follow the instructions given in the admin guide (see my previous post) to prepare the images.

  • Ok, thanks for your help ben!! Smiley Wink

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