Unable to buy "Premium" om Ipad/Iphone

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I am unable to buy "Premium" on my Ipad/Iphone. Everytime I press Buy, the app closes. I have downloaded the latest version for Key, uninstalled it and installed it again with the same result.


Any suggestions?




  • Chrissy
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    Hi Prille!


    Sorry for the delay in responding, but I just found a post in this topic which might be the cause of your issue?



    I'm not certain if the update has been published yet, but please let us know if/when this fixes the problem for you!

  • Prille
    Prille Posts: 12 Enthusiast

    Hi again

    I uninstalled Key and then installed it again. This time it worked BUT... After have purchased a one year license I tried to connect Key with my computer. On the computer I got a message the the license was expended. I tried to enter a new master password on my iPad and did the samt om the computer, with the same result. The next thing that happend was that I was unable to start key on my iPad. The only thing that I could do was to uninstall Key again and reinstall it. Now I am able to start Key on me iPad, but it says that I have no license... The version on my iPad is 2.0.26


    It's getting a bit annoying...


    Any suggestions how to solve thisproblem?





  • Prille
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    The Key version is 2.0.36
  • Prille
    Prille Posts: 12 Enthusiast

    Sorry, wrong version. It is 2.0.36 of Key that is installed on the iPad

  • Prille,


    When you open the KEY app in your iPad please go to the menu and do you then see FREE or PREMIUM on the bottom of the menu? Since you have purchased the premium upgrade, it should say PREMIUM. If not, please let us know.



    Harri Kiljander


  • Prille
    Prille Posts: 12 Enthusiast

    I see FREE on the bottom menu / Prille

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