Where is the "sync now" button?

The iOS devices don't sync automatically… How do I force a sync? Where is the sync button? How do I get my logins created on iPad to my iPhone?

And yes I'm a premium user.
It has worked before.


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    Just and update to the post above...


    The OS X app, where there is a "Sync now" button, say synchronisation status to "Never," which is anything but true. So the sync feature is obviously not working at all. 


    Screenshot: https://app.younited.com/?shareObject=43f15359-7441-3f90-6a75-117d02eeb6aa

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    I'm seeing this as well - seems like a server problem. Key logs the following in 

    /Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/Pwmgr/Pwmgr.log


    [06:30:39:524] -C- file:///Applications/F-Secure%20Key.app/Contents/Resources/www/js/ext/pwmlog.js [1] : [debug] API uploadCurrent...

    [06:30:40:317] -C- file:///Applications/F-Secure%20Key.app/Contents/Resources/www/js/ext/pwmlog.js [1] : [error] API uploadCurrent failed: [object Object] / Internal Server Error

    [06:30:40:317] -C- file:///Applications/F-Secure%20Key.app/Contents/Resources/www/js/ext/pwmlog.js [1] : [debug] validateBackEndResponse: response is undefined -> server is unreachable

    [06:30:40:318] -C- file:///Applications/F-Secure%20Key.app/Contents/Resources/www/js/ext/pwmlog.js [1] : [debug] syncPush failed, server-unreachable




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    I guess it's obvious, but Windows is affected as well. None of my devices sync atm. The problem seems to have started last week, as password saved in Windows on Friday 12th of September has not been synced on nor Mac or iPhone.




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    IT WORKS! 

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    cannot sync my Ipad with windows , connection is ok and code is definitely correct.sync.jpg

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    is there any solution to make this work again?

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    I have installed Key Premium in three PC:s, one iOS tablet, one Android tablet and one Android phone and they all stopped synchronizing about a week ago!


    What should I do, re-install Key to all devices and start all over (sounds cumbersome) or what?

  • Thank you all for this feedback! It is highly valuable to us in the KEY development team.


    We have just 30 minutes ago released a new Android version of KEY to Google Play and it should become available in all GP servers globally shortly. There's a number of improvents to the synchronization functionality and reliability. Please ensure you install this 2.1.2 version when available in your Android device. We have also pushed a new  iOS version 2.0.37 of KEY to the Apple iTunes approval process and it usually takes about two weeks for them to approve a new release. Please also ensure that you are using the latest Windows or Mac OS X version of KEY (2.0.129).


    Thanks & please do keep the feedback and feature ideas coming!


    Harri Kiljander


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