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I am a new user for Key and to get things done right, I have few questions about it. Because of the nature of my work, I have 5 Windows computers that I would like to have passwords synchronized but so far I have noticed, that it might not be possible. I have tried to find an answer / advice where it is said precisely, how many installs one can have and if there are more than two machines, what is the correct way to join these machines so that contents are synchronized between them. Manuals, guides and community answers does not contain this information exactly.
I have Premium subscription and passwords are not syncing at the moment. User ID:s, master passwords and versions of Key are the same (1.6.141) in each machine. Computer platforms are W7 and 8.1 .

Joining them again does not do anything. Some installs says "Never synchronized", some installs give timestamps that are correct but results are nowhere to be found eg. newly added passwords do not show up in other machines. If I join again two machines, situation turns opposite in behavior. One that gave correct timestamp  like as synchronization was successfull, says now "Never synchronized" and the second that previously said "Never synchronized", gives now me timestamps like synchronization was successfull (even though nothing really was synchronized).

Does the install where Premium subscription is activated first, act as a "Master" and in which the synchronization code has to be generated and then give this code to other machines? This first installation in this way would be the "source" for others. I could live with that.


If the answer is that only two machines (in this case, Windows computers) can be synchronized, then I have to find something else. Also at this moment when Windows phones are not supported, this matters even more.
Has anyone considered using Younited for passwords? Used with advanced authentication (Authenticator in mobile device). A bit more clicking but at least all in one place and that one place reachable from those computers one uses.


  • csjDK
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    I don't think you have done anything wrong. 

    It doesn't work, because the sync feature is down. Doesn't work. It's dead.


    So... This app require patience.

  • Thank You for Your reply. So, if I understand this right, multiple installs are possible but for this moment, synchronization does not work and it can be expected to become "alive" again as soon as that sync feature is working again?

    In that case, I might have worried too soon because I did not have enough experience of Key's "life".


    I'll be patient. Main thing is that I have enough information to understand what is behavior and what is a bug / not possible.

  • Ben
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    Hello IKHar,


    Are you still having synchronisation issue?

    Referring to this thread, they should now be resolved.

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