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Hi, after a few days working fine Key stopped the synchronization between all my devices. I can´t sync any device with any other. I tried to uninstall->reinstall->connect device but after entering the code, I only see the Connecting... screen forever.

Is the sync service down?, can I check if there is a problem with my account?, anybody else has the same problem?.


I Use 2 Windows 7 PCs, smarthphone and Tablet (both Android). The 4 of them are isolated, unabled to connect with the others.


  • Just in case it helps some charitable F-Secure engineer, I just send the logs, words:

    book scarecrow engine apple


  • Now it´s working fine. The Synchronization between my main PC and tablet were authomatically fixed. In the other PC I just had to connect the device again.  But in my Phone (Samsung galaxy S3, android 4.3) I had to reinstall the app. After that, Sync is working fine between all my devices.

    Thank you.

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    I have installed Key Premium in three PC:s, one iOS tablet, one Android tablet and one Android phone and they all stopped synchronizing about a week ago!


    What should I do, re-install Key to all devices and start all over (sounds cumbersome) or what?

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    Having problem syncing keys again. this is frustrating. have installed latest versions. another server error?


    injecting new keys via PC app, not syncing to iOS or android.



  • Thank you all for this feedback! It is highly valuable to us in the KEY development team.


    We have just 30 minutes ago released a new Android version of KEY to Google Play and it should become available in all GP servers globally shortly. There's a number of improvents to the synchronization functionality and reliability. Please ensure you install this 2.1.2 version when available in your Android device. We have also pushed a new  iOS version 2.0.37 of KEY to the Apple iTunes approval process and it usually takes about two weeks for them to approve a new release. Please also ensure that you are using the latest Windows or Mac OS X version of KEY (2.0.129).


    Thanks & please do keep the feedback and feature ideas coming!


    Harri Kiljander


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    my pc doesnt sync too, because of End of Premium Abonement. But my abonement works till 2016/01/26.Reinstalling doesnt help but on ipad and android sync works.

  • axmaster
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    Same problem here!
  • kiljander
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    Hoggo & axmaster, sorry for the bad experience! Our Windows developer will contact you shortly to resolve this.







  • Hoggo
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    thx for supporting. the sync works.

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