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Policy manager console / URL and usernamn <> password



Im switching from version 9.0 to 11.0 so i needed to download policy manager. And when i start it up i need to login to policy manager console. 


In connection properties i have to put in an URL: What should i put in there?


And how do i get a usernamn and password? 


I have my licences certificate updated to the new version.


/ Mick

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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
    Accepted Answer

    Hello @Mick__ 


    Note that Policy Manager 9 is a version that hasn't been supported for soon 2 years. In this version, you couldn't reset the admin password of the console.


    If you don't have the username and Password for the already installed instance, I would advise you to start from scratch with the latest version of PM. Note you will lose the Domain structure and the policies currently applied.


    Remember to save the Admin key pair and import them in the new installation.

    To take a backup of the admin keys in PM 9, go under ...\Program Files\F-Secure\Administrator\ and copy the and admin.prv.


    Just in case you can also take a copy of the Commdir directory:

    ...\Program Files\F-Secure\Management Server5\CommDir


    Once in latest version, you can:

    -Import the key pair under Tools>>Server Configuration>>Keys

    -Import your Active Directory structure. See the admin guide p29


    As for the URL  used for connexions it is by default https://localhost. But it depends on your set up(local console, port in use) .


    PS:I moved your post to the most relevant board.

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