Unacceptable – warning: don't update to 2.0.27

F-Secure sends out an app update to KEY Friday the 15th. And it's so buggy, so unresponsive, it can't even open (Not on iOS, both iPhone and iPad). And support isn't a buzz word around, but I finally found an email address. Got hold of somebody at F-secure, desperate to my neatly looked away passwords back. And I got told 11 days ago, that the issue was fixes, just awaiting review! 11 days! Do you realised what you are looking out off? Home banking, server passwords etc... It might be fun and games for you, but it has serious consequences for me — careful who you trust.


And I might also have lost my passwords or data for good, because in my frustration I deleted the apps an tried a reinstalling them, hoping it would help — but that ends up deleting everything, because the data is stored locally. Stupid me. 


This is just a warming to anybody, who haven't auto-updated to the latest version 2.0.27 yet in the App Store, DON'T! It can cost you more than money and frustration!  


  • Hejsa,
    Sorry for the slow response. The unfortunate misbehavior of our KEY app in your iOS devices is very much likely due to a bug we know about in the version you have installed. At the end of last week we have submitted a fixed version to the Apple approval process and I was waiting to hear from Apple something today but no luck. When the new version goes live, hopefully in a day or two, this problem should be gone.
    However, I may still have bad news for you. I understood you did uninstall the app both from your iPhone and iPad. This means that you have lost the stored passwords too, because due to our security-obsessed system architecture there is no way to retrieve passwords from our backend. We only use the backend in the current KEY version for synchronizing the passwords between the connected devices. There is some hope still if you happen to have a backup in iCloud or iTunes of your device(s). If that's the case and you restore the backup, then you should be able to get back the data.
    I truly feel bad about the hassle and letting you down with our update, and I appreciate your activeness in getting this fixed. And I do understand you getting totally pissed off. Sorry. Our bad. :-/
    I just asked our marketing to create a free premium voucher for you and should get that in the morning. I know it may not bring back your passwords but anyway. I'll get back to you tomorrow.
    Kind regards,
    Harri Kiljander
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