remove conflicting software with Sidegrade client version 11.60



Which link or links to the new module in version 11.60 sidegrade search to uninstall conflicting software?
have a situation where machines released to remove the old antivirus internet, but with no proxy, wanted to know to create an exception rule.

Thank you very much.

Marlon Piassa


  • Vad
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    Hello Marlon,


    I'm sorry, if I didn't understand your question correctly.

    Client Security 11.60 downloads the latest sidegrade database from Policy Manager. If it fails to communicate with PM, or you have the old version of PM, which doesn't contain required sidegrade update, then Client Security will try to download it from In case if the communication with can't be established by any reason, Client Security will use built in sidegrade package.


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  • Piassa
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    thanks for the reply Vad,

    My situation is as follows,

    I have an environment with 200 machines with kaspersky 6 workstation and was made ​​a new installation with the latest versions of PMS on a windows server 2008.
    When I install the agents it generates an error in the last phase of installation "removing temporary files".
    According to a bracket that had the distributor is because Sidegrade is failing to download the requirements uninstall the current conflicting product, so the question, but if he seeks the first PM not understand why he did not properly uninstall the product.

    I can check somewhere a log to analyze why not occurred properly outside the windows event viewer?


    best regards,


    Marlon Piassa

  • Vad
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    You can find sidegrade related logs on the client machine:

    c:\Users\All Users\F-Secure\Logs\sidegrade\


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  • etomcat
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    > I have an environment with 200 machines with kaspersky 6 workstation


    Indeed, anything earlier than KAV 6.0 build 1611 (MP4) is unsupported now. Build 1611 itself is also an old product, even though it continues to receive virus recognition database updates for some time. It is better to replace KAV6 with a modern antivirus suite, like FSCS 11.60.

    (I think modern KAV 10MR1 is also good, but the immense complexity of its settings can be outright frightening. I think F-Secure protection is easier to keep under control, compatibility, etc. reasons.)


    Anyhow, Kaspersky Lab publishes a uninstall tool utility for its own products and it may be straight-forward to use that one in the preparatory phase, see:


    However, it may be necessary to run it in Windows Safe Mode to be fully effective in removal. (Kaspersky software has a very intricate "self-protection" mechanism and sometimes it remains in place, even when the main antivirus part is gone.)


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher.

  • Piassa
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    I think I must be a server problem, because even getting it to download the sidegrade it aborts the installation, is there anything that can check the health of my server, log or some tool?



    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:25    AUA bwstate file 'C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\FSAUA\temp\bwstate.sidegrade_10207192'
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:25    AUA series directory 'C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\FSAUA\temp\sidegrade_10207192'
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    Trying to download update from ''
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    Connecting...
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    Ready.
    3    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    error: FSAUA_Status_ConnectionFailure
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    downloadUpdate()

    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    AUA bwstate file 'C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\FSAUA\temp\bwstate.sidegrade_10208221'
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    AUA series directory 'C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\FSAUA\temp\sidegrade_10208221'
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    Trying to download update from ''

    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:26    Connecting...
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:39    Download progress: 'sidegrade',   1% of 17185824 bytes
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:40    Download progress: 'sidegrade',   1% of 17185824 bytes
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:41    Download progress: 'sidegrade',  12% of 17185824 bytes
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:42    Download progress: 'sidegrade',  49% of 17185824 bytes
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:42    Download complete: 'sidegrade', 17185824 bytes
    1    D48    14/08/25 18:22:46    Ready.

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