Policy Manager issue

We have Anti-Virus 11 installed on the host machines, but I can´t make scheduled tasks for them. I only have a option to make scheduled tasks etc. to older versions. Please see photos:






How can I fix this? For the Anti-Virus for workstations 10.00, 11.00 etc. there are no settings at all


  • Ben
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    Hello Pomell,


    The numbers that are seen in the Policy advanced structure are the version numbers of the components themselves, not the global version number of the product.


    According to your screenshots, you have 3 different versions of FS Management Agent: 8.21, 8.23 and 8.50. The components versions are not directly mirroring the global version number of the product (In your case Anti-virus for Workstations 11)

    For example, FS Management Agent 8.50 is a component which is part of AV4WKS 11.



  • Pomell
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    I have these settings and I have distributed policies, but scanning is not working. I can´t find these tasks from the "Task scheduler" in windows.



  • Ben
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    In order to investigate better your problem, please open a support ticket.


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