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How should f secure key passwords to control?

So I save my password txt file somewhere that contains the passwords for ALL?


Deciding to my passworld .txt file with WinZip to compress and password protect that although it is the same that is f secure key management password?


Finnish language:

Miten kannattaa f secure key salasanoja hallita? Eli tallennan minun salasana .txt tiedoston jonnekkin joka sisältää ne KAIKKI salasanat. Kannattaako .txt file pakata winzip ja suojata salasanalla joka on vaikka se sama joka on f secure key hallinta salasana?

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    Sorry if I wrong understand your words.

    I will try to answer for question around something like "Clash-battle between F-Secure Key variant and Another variant to storage passwords";


    -> It's can be same, but here next points:


    F-Secure Key create localstorage file (which encrypted potentially better, than winzip can to use variants - but here should be words by someone, who known crypto-things).


    So... if you have zipped encrypted text-file with your passwords... for use any password.. you need to unzip/decrypt and get password. With using "default clipboard".


    F-Secure Key with localstorage (which can be same with zipped encrypted text-file, but here.. more, than simply text-file; database) can to use this thing for autofill, for more good.. and speedy use and find your passwords.... which you need right now.

    it's mean during Login for F-Secure Key.. you use master-password (potentially same with decrypt zip-file in your variant). And get User Interface... with your entries... which you able to use. Potentially it more protected, because decrypt/encrypt on access. Also potentially here using not really default clipboard and other meanings for security features.


    Basically... you also need to back up your "user data" from Key.. and here can to be variant with "export-passwords/user data" and save it as text-file, which will be encrypted and zipped after that.


    So.. F-Secure Key just give more "friendly" variant to use and store.. passwords.. and some other features, variants and something around.


    Anyway... if you certainly need to know.. "how it can be and why it's better" -> F-Secure Key have various "marketing pages" with explanation about this :)Something like this


    If something around "protection"-level. Here have Knowledge Base about F-Secure Key with some of questions/answers around your dreams... maybe. Here... but need to use filter "Key"


    Sorry for reply.


  • ok ..? This f secure is a problem with yahoo flickr does not recognize the size of the new password, and the rest have similar problems, just **bleep**ed the whole FSECURE key. 

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    Maybe here also need to answer by someone from F-Secure team.


    But what certainly you mean?


    If you mean that:


    -> Installed F-Secure Key; Created entry with logo of yahoo (for example); generated here password and fill forms around login/URL/description;


    -> Goes to yahoo.. and here not able to use generated password (?);

    If yes, so.. it's mean.. that F-Secure Key just help to generate unique and "strong" password, but by first time.. it need to re-change "previous password" to new one.. if you want to use new one for yahoo-services (under your account-settings).


    Or create entry with your "original" password for Yahoo (?!);



    Sorry for words.




    Also if you mean.. that Yahoo have "limits" for size of passwords. Potentially F-Secure Key able to generate various size (you able to choose this) about password. Same with characters-type.


    Or here something another?

  • So, can not get any longer to log on flickr yahoo service, thank you for this f secure key.

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    So.. just some questions (sorry):


    Which certainly trouble here?


    You not able to enter for flickr and yahoo-service with your previous ("original") password - which you use... for example.. always before?


    You not able to enter for flickr and yahoo-service with password, which was generated by F-Secure Key and it was changed in your settings of yahoo/flickr ?


    You use previous password by F-Secure Key fill feature, but it not valid ?!




    Anyway - yahoo and flickr should be with design/default features to recover your password and you can to use this.. and re-change/recover your password and use service again ?!


    But which certainly relationships here with F-Secure Key (also for potentially prevent any other troubles).


  • Ukko, oletko suomalainen? Jos niin voisi jatkaa tätä suomenkielellä.

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,992 Superuser

    I created private letter with answer about this. :)

    / also just because.. community-design to use English/German language. but it's not trouble for F-Secure team people - when they comes here. /

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