some thoughts/suggestions on iOS usability improvement

First of all, I have to say I really like the fresh new looks of the KEY on iOS, overall a really nice improvement from the previous version. However, there are a couple of suggestions (in no particular order) I have after using the new iOS version for some time now, so I though I'd share them with you:


1.) Web addresses seem to need the full http(s):// or ftp:// prefix for the link to work, and I think it is quite annoying typing those in on mobile (I personally add many if not most entries on mobile). How about adding a default http:// prefix to the web address field on mobile?


2.) There seems to be no (user definable) time limit for the app to require entering the master password again. This would improve security if the phone is lost, and no device lock is set up.


3.) Once user clicks "copy password" ball (the one with three dots) on the main screen or favorites screen, no visual feedback is given when the login or password is copied on to clipboard. Some kind of visual feedback (blinking/fading of the field) would ensure the user understands that the field in question has indeed been copied.


4.) In the left menu bar, accessible in the top-left corner, "passwords" are illustrated with a star, which is commonly used to denote favorites (the same star denotes a favorite inside an entry), yet a single password is denoted by a box with three dots elsewhere. I think the icon here ought to be the same box with three dots.


5.) In the main view, have you thought of allowing users to swipe an entry, which would show the "copy password", "copy login" and "go to URL" icons on the right hand side? This way, users could copy a password with 1 swipe & 1 click, instead of 3 clicks (opening an entry, copying the password, and going back to main view). Now swiping switches the view between the main and favorites.


6.) On the main screen the entries have data in order: login, password, web address, notes. But on the favorites screen, once an entry is tapped, the order is reverse: password ball is above login, IMO l/p should always be the order. Also the order of the small balls changes in the favorites -screen; the topmost favorite entry will have a very different order than the one on the bottom.


7.) The tooltips in the favourites-screen appear under the finger/outside of screen if the entry is pressed continuously, and no tooltips are shown if a favourite is just clicked once, I think the tooltips should be shown even if the entry is just clicked once.


8.) (Related to 5, 6 and 7): Even though the favorites-view looks nice, and the animations are cool, I think the favorites would work better if they were shown up at top of the main view, ranked on the basis of number of times they have been opened (or just in alphabetical order but still on the top), instead of there being a separate view for them. The fact that the main view includes the text description for each entry makes it more intuitive than just icons in the separate favorite screen (which in my case now has three globe-icons for websites, two letter-icons for e-mails etc). If you do want to keep the favorite –view separate, I would like the default view to be the main view, not favorites when the app is launched. If I lock the app, on the other hand, and enter my master pw again, the default view is the menu. I think the main view should always be the default view once the master pw is entered.


There were my main thoughts after using the iOS app for a coupe of days now. I would like to hear your thoughts about the suggestions. Keep on the good work, loving the app already!



  • Timo_V
    Timo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Jub3,

    Thank you for your very well thought of feedback!

    We have a new version coming out in about a week which should fix some of your concerns. Detailed answers here:

    1. This is fixed in the next version. The URL will be opened even if it doesn't have the http:// prefix.

    2. We are planning to implement automatic locking but precise schedule is not yet known.

    3. This is fixed in the next version. You will see for example "Username copied to clipboard."

    4. We will review the icons and also rething if clicking Passwords in Menu should in fact always take you to the favorites screen. Now it takes you to favorites OR the list screen, depending on which you had open before clicking Menu.

    5. Interesting idea. We will consider it for the future releases.

    6. Good point! We will change the order so that username will come before password.

    7. True. This was one of the reasons why we decided to change how the favorites icons work in the future. The coming releases (not the next one yet) will work so that if you short tap an icon in favorites screen it will open the card view directly. To get the quick access to "Copy username", etc., you have to press and hold the icon.

    8. We will take this into consideration when planning the next major releases.

    Great to hear that you like the app! Hopefully the coming releases will feel even better.


  • Jub3
    Jub3 Posts: 3

    Hi Timo,


    Thanks for your response, nice to see a direct feedback channel such as this working so well. A couple more minor usability issues I noticed while playing with the app:


    9. Swiping down the main list quite easily changes the view from main to favorites (on iPhone 5 at least), I think there ought to be more tolerance (longer horizontal movement required to switch between views). Although I personally use the search to look up any entries, there may be people with just say a few dozen entries, who prefer swiping down the list instead of search.


    10. On the list view, an entry gets quite easily hidden under the search bar when searching: In the main menu, if you scroll down so that the top-most entry gets hidden under the search bar, and then search for something that will return only one hit - the result is hidden until you scroll up again.

  • Timo_V
    Timo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi again Jub3,


    9. We also spotted this issue and it will be fixed by the next Key update you receive from AppStore (probably during next week).


    10. Good point, we will fix this issue for the future releases.




  • Jub3
    Jub3 Posts: 3

    11.) Do you have any plans to implement Touch ID support on iOS devices? It would improve the usability a lot on post-iPhone 5S devices


    12.) I don't know if this is a rare case, but I think the globe-icon in an entry should copy the url instead of opening it in Safari, and the "open link" icon could be placed on the right similar to the eye-icon to show the password. I prefer using Chrome on an iOS device, and copying the url (to open in Chrome or to share with a friend) is sometimes a pain in the neck.

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