Can't connect Key on Windows

I just installed Key on my Android phone and Tablet. After purchasing a 12-month subscription from the app I got sync working between my phone and tablet just fine. After this I installed Key on my Windows computer, and tried to get it connected. I generate a code on my phone, enter it on the Windows client, Windows client asks for master password (only accepts the one that I have on my phone and tablet, as expected) and then gives this error: 


Sychronization turned off


Your subscription has expired and your devices are no longer synchronized. To synchronize your devices, buy a new subscription.


After clicking OK on that one, I can't access Key on Windows computer anymore. Asks for a master password, doesn't accept the only one I have.


What's up with that?



Windows: 1.6.141

Android: 2.0.6


  • Lauri_HLauri_H Posts: 59 Former F-Secure Employee

    Never fear! An engineer is here!


    ( Looking into this issue,  if you could send logs from your windows computer, that might be helpful. Select "About" from the menu, click on the version number about 5-7 times, and then click send. Then you get a 4 word code, either post here or send private message to me. I'll be sure to post once it's fixed.



  • Lauri_HLauri_H Posts: 59 Former F-Secure Employee

    Good morning. 

    The latest version of android client ( 2.0.7, you can see version in menu -> help and look at the bottom ) fixes this issue. Your desktop client might have been in a strange status, so you can uninstall the F-secure Key: User data. ( But it works without resetting that too ).



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    I updated my Android client to 2.0.7 from Google Play, uninstalled Key from my Windows computer completely, installed it again, tried to connect it, with same results as before.


    So the update actually did not resolve anything for me.

  • Lauri_HLauri_H Posts: 59 Former F-Secure Employee

    That is rather perplexing, can you perhaps resend logs from the desktop ?



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  • Hello!

    Was the problem solved? I have exactly the sama problem with Android and PC. Please help!

  • f6cf6c Posts: 2

    I have exactly the same problem. How do i solve it?

  • jussipjussip Posts: 10

    Unfortunately no solution yet. 

  • f6cf6c Posts: 2
    What kind of information do f-secure need from med?
  • Hello, has this issue been resolved by F-Secure with respect to Key and windows 7 not syncing with android devices. I am having the exact same issue as listed above several times at present.


    Two Android devices running Key 2.0.7

    latest windows version downloaded and installed on PC 1.6.141


    Thank You


    @f6c wrote:
    What kind of information do f-secure need from med?


  • I uninstalled both (pc and phone) and installed again. Put same password in both devices and tried to connec them. It goes fine, but in the end pc tells this:

    " "Synchronization turned off. Your subscription has expired and your devices are no longer synchronized. To synchronide your devices, buy a new subscription." 


    I had bought that Sync already before to my phone from Google Play. When I open Google Play in my pc, I han see it there. Its ok and activeand same with my phone.

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    I have the same problem. I could sync between two Android clients but the Windows client is giving me the same error on Windows 7 and 8.1.


    EDIT: I got it working, somehow the Android app wasn't the latest version even though Google Play didn't report updates being available. Apologies and thanks!

  • F-Secure Key got updated on Android. I tested this again, and after a bit of trouble I am now able to sync between Android and Windows.


    -I updated my Android devices

    -I generated a code on Android, entered that into Windows Key

    -Windows Key said something about password being changed on another device, but connected

    -I entered some passwords into Windows Key, they did not sync to Android

    -I noticed that even my two Android devices were not syncing with each other

    -I then generated a code in Windows Key and connected an Android device to that, sync started working between Windows and Android

    -Connected óther Android device to Windows by generating the code on Windows Key, now everything works.


    While still not exactly what would be concidered a "solution", at least a workaround.

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