F-Secure Key Master Password Reset Help

How to get help from F-Secure Support resetting Key Master Password. I have lost master password.

Please help

Thank You



  • so does this mean i am out of luck, there is no way for Your Company to do a Reset on my account to restore my password manager to defaults, No Data,No Password etc??


  • Oh I'm sorry, I was pointed to here from the F-Secure Online chat folks for assistance. I am hoping to be able to use the program so any and all assistance on this group will be greatly appricated.

    Thank You All so much

  • NikK
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    No worries. I got the feeling you thought I was an F-Secure employee, so I just wanted to make that clear. Now I replied but next time it might as well be an F-Secure person. We all hang here Smiley Wink

  • Lauri_H
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    I'm sorry to, but if you lost your master password, there is nothing we can do to help you to recover it. It is never sent to us, and there are no mastermaster passwords to unlock it either.  But you can try to remember what it was and keep trying on your client! 


    This is so by security design, any other way would put your passworrds to risk.



  • Oh dear, so just simply or not so simply resetting my account to the default logon screen and

     losing all previously entered data sets is not possible. i realize that for absolute security no back door etc should be built into the program.


     If my purchased app from Google Play and the desktop version can't be reset to default. please tell me that there is a way to stop the auto renewal of Key password manager. it's no good to me at this stage and renewing would only be throwing away my money in April 2015.

    Thank You All Again


  • Lauri_H
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    Hello there,

    Maybe I misunderstrood earlier. If you wish to reset your data, then that is possible. For android, I myself use the application manager, and there click on f-secure key and then on "Clear Data". Then you have a fresh new installation to start all over with.




  • Thank You Lauri

     I will give that a try and get back..at this point i don't have a choice but to start over from new.

    that is totally ok with me because i'm the one who lost my master password.


    Again Thanks to All for assistance

  • djb
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    But how do you rest your data on windows?

  • djb
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    Thanks, I tried deleting F-Secure Key: User Data; and got the message

    Another application has exclusive access to the file 'C:Users\Owners\AppData\Local\F-Secure\Pwmgr\Pwmgr.log'

  • Ukko
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    So, it's possible mean... that you not goes to "log out" from Key.

    And process of Key still work. And still work with your user data.


    You should to use (before previous  already known "steps"):


    -> Tray-picture of F-Secure Key - right click - Quit;


    -> Or if it not visible on tray - kill fskey-process by TaskManager;

    Or more good step -> if during launch Key - it work, but tray-picture not visible.

    You able to use "Lock"-feature under settings. And it's will be potentially with restart of Key. And tray-picture should to goes back. Already here.. you able to use default "right-click" for tray-picture and use Quit.


    -> And re-try already known steps (or here able to do another manual steps, which I noted.. it's same, but not really "design").



    And sorry if you meet something another.

  • djb
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    sorry -didn't really understand that

  • Ukko
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    So, how I can to understand.. here next:


    -> you launch uninstallation for "F-Secure Key: User Data"  (by Windows Control Panel, for example, with Uninstallation-default process);


    -> during that... you get prompt about: "Pwmgr​.log already/still in use";


    -> it's mean (more reasonable) F-Secure Key launched.



    If you want to restore installation (drop all database/clear all passwords/entries like storage for remove it and start like fresh installation) -> you should close F-Secure Key application and after that try to uninstall "F-Secure Key: User Data" part.


    F-Secure Key able to close by "tray-picture -> right-click -> Quit";


    Potentially can be situation.. that tray-picture not visible. Here can be various steps to fix this.




    If current prompt (during uninstallation F-Secure Key: User Data) created by another reasons - sorry.


    But basically.. here should be "fskey"-process as reason (which mean - F-Secure Key launched during try to start  uninstall-process for F-Secure Key: User Data).


    Sorry again for hard explanation.

  • djb
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    I understood from your message that there was a background program running which prevented me from closing the user data program so I deleted  the F-Secure key program first and then the user data program. Then I downloaded a new copy of the F-Secure key program and now I can put in  a new password. Thanks for your help

  • Ukko
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    Basically.. anyway... here should be able to do less steps, which can be enough:


    -> during when "F-Secure Key" program  already not work (already after shutdown; closed application; quit from application);

    Remove/delete just "F-Secure Key: User Data" by Windows Control Panel as default-uninstallation-process.


    -> and just launch "F-Secure Key" (picture from desktop or from folder; or restart system for autorun) - here will be already clean User Data and like fresh start with F-Secure Key.


    Where already able to do import, connect with other devices (also) or to create from first... new entries.

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