New update turned apps to Key FREE subscription but I've subscription...


I've got a paid subscription of Key that I bought from my Android phone. Today Key updated to the new design and now all my android devices says "KEY FREE" when opening the options. When I go to connect devices it says connect or purchase key premium... That's what I've done ages ago!


Tested to reconnect my phone from the desktop app (Win 8.1) where I do get to generate a connect code, used that in my Android phone, nothing changed. Still KEY FREE.


Then I tested by clicking (under connect devices) the Purchase KEY PREMIUM button, here I get the 12 & 12 month options plus the "Or restore previous subscription purchased on this device", great this will solve things (but weird place to have it place as if I do have a licence the last place I'd look for to restore it would be in the purchase screen) but NO... Nothing happens when I tap the link.


So how do I get this sorted out as I don't want KEY FREE when I pay for KEY PREMIUM? 

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  • johanwestlingjohanwestling Posts: 8
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    Good news, I got this as reply to my feedback email:
    "Hello Johan,

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the bad experience with the new version! Our developers will look into this first thing in the morning. You will hear from us shortly.

    Kind regards,

    Harri Kiljander

    Hopefully this will get fixed soon! :)


  • After tips from Ukko I tried uninstall and reinstall the Key app in my Android phone and reconnect with code from my computer. Still results in KEY FREE unfortunately.

  • timottimot Posts: 27

    I have the same problem in my Nexus 7 tablet and nexus 5 phone.

    A!so now I cannot get the key as a keyboard "language" so it is very complicated to Write the username & passwords. Not a good update. How to get back, or immediate fix needed !







  • Same, v1.6.140, Win8.1 and Jolla - Premium dissapeared. However, it looks like sync works between devices, just no way to connect another one.


    Update: Installed 1.6.141 on Win8.1 and 2.04 on Jolla. Free Key, but sync still works. On Jolla there is the option "restore previous subscription", but no such one on desktop where i purchased premium.

  • Got 1.6.140 on Win 8.1 and no sync happening between mobile and desktop, nor vice verca. So I'm pretty sad at the situation as I most likely will manually clone the changes to not get conflicts whenever the app is fixed...

  • DiZeXDiZeX Posts: 1

    Same problem here. Updated the Key and now it doesn't sync anymore between Android and Mac. "Or restore previous subscription purchased on this device" -link doesn't work too.


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