New update turned apps to Key FREE subscription but I've subscription...


I've got a paid subscription of Key that I bought from my Android phone. Today Key updated to the new design and now all my android devices says "KEY FREE" when opening the options. When I go to connect devices it says connect or purchase key premium... That's what I've done ages ago!


Tested to reconnect my phone from the desktop app (Win 8.1) where I do get to generate a connect code, used that in my Android phone, nothing changed. Still KEY FREE.


Then I tested by clicking (under connect devices) the Purchase KEY PREMIUM button, here I get the 12 & 12 month options plus the "Or restore previous subscription purchased on this device", great this will solve things (but weird place to have it place as if I do have a licence the last place I'd look for to restore it would be in the purchase screen) but NO... Nothing happens when I tap the link.


So how do I get this sorted out as I don't want KEY FREE when I pay for KEY PREMIUM? 


  • After tips from Ukko I tried uninstall and reinstall the Key app in my Android phone and reconnect with code from my computer. Still results in KEY FREE unfortunately.

  • timot
    timot Posts: 27

    I have the same problem in my Nexus 7 tablet and nexus 5 phone.

    A!so now I cannot get the key as a keyboard "language" so it is very complicated to Write the username & passwords. Not a good update. How to get back, or immediate fix needed !







  • SergeiStPete
    SergeiStPete Posts: 14 Observer

    Same, v1.6.140, Win8.1 and Jolla - Premium dissapeared. However, it looks like sync works between devices, just no way to connect another one.


    Update: Installed 1.6.141 on Win8.1 and 2.04 on Jolla. Free Key, but sync still works. On Jolla there is the option "restore previous subscription", but no such one on desktop where i purchased premium.

  • Got 1.6.140 on Win 8.1 and no sync happening between mobile and desktop, nor vice verca. So I'm pretty sad at the situation as I most likely will manually clone the changes to not get conflicts whenever the app is fixed...

  • DiZeX
    DiZeX Posts: 1

    Same problem here. Updated the Key and now it doesn't sync anymore between Android and Mac. "Or restore previous subscription purchased on this device" -link doesn't work too.


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