iphone app claims I dont have a subscription but I have

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I have earlier bought a subscription to f-secure key on my iphone and it have worked well but I recently restored the iphone from a icloud backup and now everytime I open key it says that I dont have a subscription and that it wont sync.


According to apple I renewed the subscription on the 2nd of june for 3 months.


How do I make it realise I have a subscription? I dont see anything in the menu's. I also have key on my computer, there there are no problems with the subscription.

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    Could you please try one more thing:


    1. Reinstall Key again on your iPhone.

    2. Create  a new account.

    3. Open: Menu -> Connect Devices -> Power Up Sync.


    The last action restores your purchase from Apple AppStore and you should be able to generate a sync code now on your iPhone Key app.


    If this doesn't work could you please (re)check in your AppStore account that the Key subscription hasn't been cancelled for some reason.


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    Dont you offer support for paying customers?


    No reply here and if I try to contact you on your homepage you cant contact support about key, you can only choose other products.

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    I have uploaded logs, the words are guide zebra pencil space

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    @JuhaT @Timo_V Help needed here! Log files sent.

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    Hi msh,


    Could you try in Key opening Connect Devices -> Generate synchronization code. Do you see here a Power up Sync button? If so, try to click it. It should at this point restore your subscription from your Apple Appstore account. If it works, the next time you click Connect Devices -> Generate syncronization code the button should be titled Generate code.

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    That button says generate code, not power up sync but I still get the message when starting the app and changes I do on it dont go to my other devices.

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    It seems that the iPhone has for some reason fallen out of the synchronization group. Do you still have all your passwords stored on your other Key device which is working properly and where you can generate a sync code? If so, the easiest fix would be to reinstall Key on your iPhone and reconnect it to the other Key device. Your passwords will be synchronized back to your iPhone when you reconnect the devices. Would this work for you?

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    That did not work. I removed key from my iphone and reinstalled it. When it started I said enter code and generated a code on my android tablet. After entering this code and my master password the popup about no subscription comes up again and wont let me proceed.

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    Thank you,  that worked! 

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