Paid up but cannot connect more devices to Key

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I installed Key on a desktop machine and paid for the synchronizing feature on that same machine. Then I got a confirmation email that everything was in order (read on a laptop elsewhere).


But when I try to connect more devices, I can generate the connection code on the original desktop  (Windows 7) BUT entering the code on my Samsung Android phone consistently fails. The program urges me to check my code and my internet connection even if the code was correctly entered (several times) and I have a working network connection for the desktop (network cable) and the phone (wi-fi to the same ADSL box). No better luck with my laptod, either (Windows Vista, wi-fi at a different location).


What is wrong and how can start using what I paid for?




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    Thank you for your prompt reply and detailed suggestions. I am now happy because everything is working just fine after all. I tried sychronizing again for the last time before doing what you advised and it just worked out the way it was supposed to. I have no idea what I might have done differently but don't really care now.

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    By the way, i had exactly the same problem with syncing to my Jolla from desktop. Read this post, checked again - it works now!

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