PSB Workstation Security portal issues

I have a problem with PSB portal operations:

- I have 3 PCs under my portal control but one (windows 8.1) will not respond (no update / no protection) and I can not remove it. The other 2 PCs are Windows 7 and fine.

- My subscription is about to expire and I want to remove all client and install the F-Secure consumer version (I have already got multi user license keys)

- In my effort to remove the F-Secure clients I stupidly lost the PSB portal log on (Doh!)


So does anyone know the best way to remove client and all traces to allow me to install the consumer version please?

Thanks in advance



  • Roger-B
    Roger-B Posts: 3



    Thank you - I will give it a go




  • Roger-B
    Roger-B Posts: 3

    Yes thank you. On all 3 of my PCs I have now sucessfully uninstalled the PSB software and on 2 so far installed the F-Secure (consumner) PC security

    Thank you again

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