Key code does not work

I purchased a renewal of my F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac and got a Key code which I entered to renew the protection.  It initially returned an "Invalid keycode" message to me though I checked and double-checked that it was correct from the code given me.  I contacted support (00241791) and received from Lingeswaran the uninstall procedure which I completed successfully.  I then reinstalled the application and entered the KeyCode.  It still showed Invalid and then showed a hanging message waiting for the code server.  It has been almost a week now, and I can't get anything to activate my renewal.  The chat also hangs and can't go through.  Please give me a suggestion on getting the renewal or refund of my money.


  • Dmitriy
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    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your subscription activation. Before I push this forward, could you clarify if you have purchased the consumer or business version of our Anti-Virus for Mac product.





  • Richtex
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    Dmitry, after half a day or working with Support technicians the renewal has been accomplished with one exception. The application will not open from the icon in the dock or from the Applications folder. It does seem to open from the small icon at the top(menu let). At this point, that is the issue I would like to resolve.
  • Dmitriy
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    Great to hear that you've got the keycode issue solved. I would still like to know if you have the consumer or business version of the Mac product.

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