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I think there is a missing feature for the IPad app and possibly other mobile apps too. On the settings area, I can't set a timer for the password to remain there and my mastercode always resets and I have to fill it in once again. Also, the option for auto fill doesn't appear on my IPad, so I wish it would be added, because always having to open the app (which is sometimes locked again) to copy the password is pretty tiresome.


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    Sorry if you already receive any answers. Just because here not answered someone else.....


    Not sure.. how it with current platform, of course. With Android was current settings-feature around "lock after".


    Just for background - which version of Key do you have now?

    Probably here should be automatic upgrade, but... what if here previous versions (where it was without feature for "automatically lock after some time" - which able to re-check).


    If it possible... that your device have previous version of Key....  maybe you just need to upgrade it.

    Current version should be around 1.6.137 (for iPad).

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