F-Secure and Chromecast - What firewall rules do I need to add to make Chromecast work



I am setting up Chromecast on my father's Windows 8.1 laptop that has F-Secure Client Security 11.51. Chromecast works when F-Secure is not installed (I tried this, uninstalled the FSCS, set up Chromecast - worked! Then installed FSCS back on, Chromecast can not be found).


Internet (home WLAN) works fine and the Chromecast device works fine (I have an iPad and a Macbook that both see and work with the same Chromecast device the whole time).


The WLAN-router gives out a local 192.168... address but I don't know if they are randomised each time the systems are switched on (Chromecast draws its power from the TV's USB-port, we switch our TV off entirely from the powersocket). 


What firewall rules do I need to add to get Chromecast working?


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