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Every now and then, when I am on-line,  I open F-secure key to type in my master password and copy/paste the passwords I need, only to find that the F-secure key window is  blank. It shows as a grey rectangle with the symbol of a key in the lower right, F-Secure in the header and at the bottom in text, "protecting the irreplacable." This has happened itermitently and is infuriating as I cannot then get access to the progams I need to use. Yes, I have text backups secure off computing, but I could do that without a program. What could possibly be wrong? It looks like I do not connect to the F-Secure server. I am able to check my email and use Google so no doubt I am on-line. What this means is that F-Secure key inexplicably fails to connect at times. I cannot state any common factors - seems random. It is as if the F-Secure server is down. But if that is so, I am denied access to my passwords. Critical when travelling or in a hurry to meet some time deadline.  Someone please help. I am running Windows XP, on a desktop, using  a version of F-Secure key that I purchased within the last three months.


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    Just some questions.... sorry if it not help in any meanings:


    -> But which version of Key you using now?

    It should be around Key  1.6.141 (if you have previous version - able to get new one here -> )


    -> With previous versions of Key it happened time to time with some settings and new versions should be with fix around current trouble (as developers explained).


    -> Or you mean... that you login to Key by master-passwords and here already troubles?!

    Just because.... other variants not really should be related with connection around F-Secure server (and Key server work normally (!?) probably).

    If it happened after "enter" and you just already should be with list of entries.

    So... how I can to understand... you have purchase around sync-feature. Maybe trouble with that situation

    And here maybe just blocking during sync-process (any firewall or other (?!) like proxy). Anyway - with any troubles around server - you should be with information about it on page-settings  "About".


    -> Also you able to try turn off autorun-key for F-Secure Key by msconfig (autoruns) and launch it manually after start system.


    But maybe you just have not latest version and trouble can be fixed by upgrade to new one (?!).

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    Thanks for the response. I have version 1.4.158 - installed about two months ago. So, I have downloaded the latest version and will upgrade.  Appreciate your questions, but I will follow the most expedient advice and install the latest software, see then if I things are fixed.   Always grateful to community -   Woodskid

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    Thankyou   Upgrading solved my problem.  appreciated   Woodskid

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