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How to use the keyboard to jump/search for the right login when using the auto-fill feature ctrl+fn+F2 in Safari on Mac? 
When you are using the F-Secure Key application you can search at the top of the window, so you don’t have to scroll. I thought the same thing would be possible when using the auto-fill feature, by just placing the cursor in the username input box and press ctrl+fn+F2, then start typing the first numbers of characters of the login your are searching for… type “s" and it will jump to s… type “st" and it will jump to st etc.
But when i press ctrl+fn+F2 the little dialog box appears, but it is sort of running in the background. It’s greyed out. It’s not active. If i start typing i enter in information in the username or email input box (it’s active and highlighted with blue.) I can only choose a login in my list if I scrolling down. If i click in the dialog box to activate it, it selects and auto-fills in the information from the first login at the top of the list. 
Please see this screenshot. Perhaps it can help explain. 
I saw this answer on the post "Auto fill-in in Firefox" by Kiwiman 
"...You do need to tell KEY is which login and password to use for the login at hand. With 100+ items on dropdown, you can just start typing and the focus should hit the title you are looking for in no time. Press enter and you're done. Might not be self evident, but the flow is optimized for high-end use cases where you have regular keyboard&mouse and want speed. More traditional way to use is the icon dropdown that appears once you focus on password input..."
This is excatly what's not working. At least not for me in Safari 7.0.4 on OS X 10.9.3


  • csjDK
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    fn+ctrl+f2 often hangs in Safari, because FsKey is unresponsive. 

  • Chrissy
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    Hi csjDK!


    I've merged these two posts of yours since they both seem to relate to Safari.  I see that you still haven't received any answers, so I'm escalating this to our Support - sorry for the delay!  If somehow the issue has already been solved, please let us know.


    // Chrissy

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