Showing "Power up Sync" after purchasing the subscription.

I purchased the subscription on my android from the key app -> connect devices -> power up sync (12 months subsciption).


However, it still shows the "power up sync" and nothing happens when I press it. In "About" I can press the sync and it correctly updates the last synchronization, and I can see the subscription in Google Play (so the payment should be ok).


Shouldn't I be seeing a generate synchronization code button or something as I've subscribed?


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    Just because no one answered here yet...

    I not sure.. that current words will be helpful, but...


     - Probably you should to meet "Generate sync-code"-button....  of course, if it not changed with latest version.

    But probably here without changes;


     - Common steps with same troubles.. usually goes to recommendation (not sure.. that it's needed to do) about, which just by random-list (but not by "steps one-two-three"):


    re-install Key (also here can be something same);

    re-start Android-device (maybe able to try before any re-install points);

    create else steps around (for example, re-change master-password);


    and contacted F-Secure Key about any additional information from your device.


    Sorry for reply without indeed helpful information.

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    these didn't solve the issue. I already tried directly contacting F-secure but they told me to post my problem here...

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    Related issues here:

    Try sending log files from the About page

  • RessuRessu Posts: 5

    I'm not using any Apple devices. I could cancel the payment from the google play but want to keep that as the last resort. I sent the log files, the returned code is "bottle truck iron shoe".

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    @JuhaT  @HeikkiH  Can someone take a look at this users log files?

  • RessuRessu Posts: 5

    Awesome, I'll be waiting for the update and finally get passwords synced! :)

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    Hi Ressu,


    Just wanted to follow-up and see if you're now able to generate the synchronization code?  If not, I'll check in on the status of that fix.


    // Chrissy

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    I got it working now. Thanks for all the help.

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