How to register a client which has already installed f-secure client security to the policy manager


The policy manager consoleI have been installed on win 2008 r2, and at the same time F-Secure Client Security has been installed on another system, win 7. I've changed the settings->Other settings->Management Server to the server IP address. The client updates by the "check for update" successfuly.


The problem is the policy manager doesn't see the client. In the policy manager console I add the client manually by right click and select the "New Host" and enter the IP address in the Identity field. But policy manager doesn't recognize it.


By the way, I don't want to use "push install" and use "*.jar" file for install f-secure on client. I have to install the F-Secure Client Security manually on client and later add them to the server.


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  • km
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    Additioally, In the "Import new host" window I don't see any computer. I use the VMare 8. and the firewall of both computer are and they can ping each other.

  • Jayson
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    Hi kali,


    You can import the jar installer into PM then export it to a MSI installer for local installation, once product installed successfully on host it will show as new host on "Import new host" windows. Kindly refer Policy Manager Client Security Quick guide for details instruction.




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    Hi km!

    Just to follow-up, did Jayson's suggestion solve your issue? If so, please mark his post with the "Accept as Solution" button. Otherwise, we'll be happy to assist you further Smiley Wink
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    Were you able to see the hosts in the Policy Manager Console?



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