PSB installation to Windows workstation - server unavailable

I'm having consistent issues when installing to a Windows desktop. Though the machine is clearly connected, I am getting "Update check failed" and "server unavailable"  Any experience or troubleshooting help is appreciated.


  • Ben
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    Hello Bdeflin,


    It seems you have already contacted our support and that troubleshooting is ongoing with our support.

    Let us know if further help from our community is needed?

  • swparker
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    I am having the same issue with mulitple new installations. i can clearly get to the internet and download the software with no issue. I am skipping the updates to get the installations to at least run but need a resolution to complete the total installations.

  • bdeflin
    bdeflin Posts: 6

    It's been well over 24 hours and still no access to the servers. I showed your tech support the issue thru a screen-share session, but have had no follow-up since then, over 12 hours ago. Some communication would be very helpful. What is going on? What are you telling customers and re-sellers? Is it being worked on? When might access be restored? Anything??

  • bdeflin
    bdeflin Posts: 6

    Now going on 60 bours. 1 prospective biz client lost and another on the ledge.  Nothing. Anybody else? Anything?

  • bdeflin
    bdeflin Posts: 6

    Yes, all good, up since Friday last week.


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