which Business Suite?

i thought they'd come in a single package, but when i try to download Business Suite standard, i was presented with some many options!


all i need is a management console, AV for workstations/laptops/servers, and possibly Exchange.


which link provide those please?


  • rino
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    anyway, so i'm downloading the following:


    Policy Manager (Windows) - i hope this is the management console

    Client Security (Windows)

    Email and Server Security



  • rino
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    thanks. but can you just give me the order of installation please. MUST i install policy manager first before deploying "email and server security" or they are independent of one another?


    same goes for client installation. but i would presume policy manager should be installed first then push the client part to the users?

  • Ben
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    You should indeed install Policy Manager(PM) first as you mentioned. And then proceed to install on the clients.


    The admin guide page 19 can help you with the installation process. 

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