remotely removing Kaspersky

we're doing a trial of AV replacements for Kaspersky. i would like to know if F-Secure products can push itself remotely and have Kaspersky uninstalled before F-Secure installs itself?


this is currently doable with another AV product but our only concern with that other AV product is that AV misconfiguration by users are not completely protected.


second question, is F-Secure AV client fully protected from misconfiguration by users? like all options are greyed out?


appreciate any help.


  • rino
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    PSB Workstation Security? is there like a suite that includes management console, workstations/laptop/server av clients to download and try?

  • Ben
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    Protection Service for Business(PSB) is not part of our Business suite offering(according to another thread you seem to use Business Suite).


    PSB uses a web portal for the management of your devices licence and security settings.


    To be able to try out our Corporate solutions, contact our sales or your reseller. They should be able to provide you with trial licenses.

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