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I have activated Key to my pc and Samsung Galaxy S2. I created a new password, but it does not work on the site (Photobuket, Amazon.de). I can only log in old password and username.

Also I have to activated Fs Key keyboard every time Settings/language and input when I try to go some website. My phone doesn´t keep it on.


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    So.. in private letter.. I forget to add current link: http://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-Key-KB/Can-Key-fill-in-my-username-and/ta-p/34819


    If other steps already not a trouble... and just about copy/fill password/username.


    Maybe.. you able do next things:


     - copy password and username from F-Secure Key UI;

     - use fill-feature;


    About first:

    You need to go for F-Secure Key UI (logined here) and "open" your entry, which you need now.

    Here will be descriptions for username/password/notes. Around username/password should be button "copy";

    You can choose that and it's will be copied to "safe" clipboard.


    After that - just add for form. It's "a lot of steps".

    Because need to copy "username" - add it for form;  copy "password" - add it for form.



    About second:


    Fill-feature and Android-device. probably have description on link, which I now added.

    It's mean.. when you swith to Key keyaboard... it's should be with any tips for help you about autofill.


     - Click to form (where need to add username, for example) -> switch to F-Secure Key keyaboard (during logined status and not locked - which by default.... will be after five minutes without action - it's able to change in settings);


    Here should be "list of your entries" - choose one.. and will be "autofill" for username/password forms by your username/password from entry.


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    Still have a problem with Androids; login in by using FS Key keyboard. What I should push to copy pasword and username? I have create new pasword to website but I have now use clipboard if I want to pick up pwd.

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    A big thank you for taking the time guiding me! It works on the phone through the copy. On the PC just fine. F-Secure's support, I am disappointed. They do not even help if I try to contact them through chat.
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    Maybe here also trouble with browser on your phone?! I not really know.. which browsers can be commonly with Android-device; And also not sure.. that it's can be same with desktop-versions.

    If it's something like Google Chrome, Opera or other on Chromium.

    Maybe here trouble same with desktops (where turn off status for accessibility-setting);


    If it's something like Opera Mini or Mobile - maybe here... trouble.. that it's some kind of "block" features by Key.


    Sorry.. I without big experience with Android-devices and Key.


    F-Secure support can be helpful, but time to time.. during weekends - it's so long.

    also F-Secure Key team able to help you.... when they read your trouble.....


    I mean - if it's simply not work features of Key with your device (feature like autofill).

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