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I need specific instructions on how and what order to install  PC and Android phone. What you mean that I have to buy Sync on my Androin before I can synchronized phone and pc (Google version or what?)? The problem is that when I press the button  Generate sync..code I get a proposal to buy Premiun version (which I bought). I can not get ahead of this by any means. Also I can´t find simple instructions to do what I need to do. Smiley Sad

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    So... It will be nice if here also answered someone from F-Secure Key.


    Also previously.. all that actions about power-up sync/premium-feature was just about Mobile-devices, where you should do that.. and already can to connect between.. any "devices". Instructions on knowledge base about that.


    And also... does you mean.. that you just on step, when you have next background:

     - Installed F-Secure Key and just first launch with two "buttons" for:

    create new account

    connect devices.


    If yes.. it's another situation (maybe) and next words.. about situation, when you.. for example.. already created "new account" on your PC. Which you can to use.. without any addition steps, but if you want to have "sync-status" between your PC and Android-phone... need to buy (subscription) for premium-feature (sync-feature/power-up sync). Same with Android-device... if you want use just that device - you not need any addition steps.. after created new account for current device. And just if you want to have "one User Data" between devices, which should be with sync-status... require steps around "power-up sync" (premium-feature).


    But I will try to help you by my words about situation.




    Just because... I did not that new actions with my devices... I can just create "suggestion" about potential steps, which you should to do.. for normal situation (if you do not have any payment-history on your android-account already):


     - PC-version and Android-version now should be with "feature" about "Power up Sync";

    It's mean... you have two devices... but need to do that "power up sync" just with one of them.


     - "Power up Sync"-button and "Sync"-premium-feature mean.. next:


    You choose "Power up Sync" and receive prompt about Three Month or more Months (or something like that);

    When you choose something of that premium-feature... on PC you should be with new window:


    Browser with F-Secure eStore, where you should to buy that "subscription"; It's mean "premium-feature" - because need to buy it.

    Here will be "common" steps for do that.


    When it's end... F-Secure Key should be already with another buttons:


    "Generate Code"/"Enter Code"  by "Connect Devices";


    Here you able to Choose "Generate code":


    - And with that "code" goes to Android-device for add into "Connect devices"-"enter sync-code" form. Code valid about minute.



    Something like that?!

    Sorry if I wrong understand your situation.


    How do first steps with Android-devices - I can not to say.... just if repeating words by Knowledge base...






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    Maybe that topics from knowledge base can to help for you.

    But it's can be already some kind of outdate:



    Common steps should be same with current situation.


    Which situation you already have?!


    Two devices - PC and Android phone? And on one of them.. you already get "premium"-feature about sync?

    After that you should be able to do things about "Connect devices" -> "Enter Synchronization code", which you able to get from device, where you already have "available" feature about sync.

    On that device you should be able to do next things about "Connect devices" -> "Generate Synchronization code", which you need to add for other device during "steps".

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    I had two options. Both the PC and Android. Since I did not get relief for both of them combined. I downloaded the Android again. Thereafter, for PCs. Still do not get the synchronization code. Power up Sync gives only a select period one or 12 months but no code. ShouldPremium appear to somewhere, or download separately?. What should I download Sync Android before I can sync my Android? What this means? F-Secure Key is new to me, and the instructions are incomplete (in my opinion). Thanks for answering. :)
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    By the way, can you quide me in finish?
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    Thanks! That helped. I thought that it I hav to buy once premium key so it will be enough - but not. Now I try feeling lucky iPad. Smiley Very Happy
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    So, good.. if that helped.


    About your reply - it's should be enough with "One... any... device for power-up Sync-premium-feature";

    That device will be "main".


    And other devices... will be... some kind of "connected" for main.


    It's mean... "main device" already will be with "Generate sync-Code" (under "Connect devices");

    And other devices (which you want to "sync" between) require... action about "Enter sync-Code" (under "Connect devices");

    From UI on first step after installation or.. if you already create account here.


    Devices should be with one-master-password... and if your any device already with installation... it will be with "re-change" to new one master password from "main device". :) Maybe something like that.

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