F-Secure Key using to much system ressources

Hello support,


on my computers ( two windows 8.1 64bit systems) task manager display to much sytem ressources for this process fskey.exe (32bit).


If the process present on my task bar, his processor- time consumed most time of all prozesses, never < 1.5 % ,but mostly between 1.5 - 5%  by 29.5 MByte memory consumation.


No other task want more time to operate only on the task bar.  Every time after i'am using fskey, then i must close it because his anormal high consumation of processor time.


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  • Ukko
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    We have same situation. :) Maybe in your topic will be answer by F-Secure Key team.


    Just... one I can to add for previous topic. Other applications during access also take CPU/memory a lot.

    And do that "too much" and more, than F-Secure Key. But did that "just one time" during "high access"-time. I don't know what certainly worst here..... all time with "high", but not "too much"....   or time-to-time, but with "too much" load. Maybe it's "as design" for prevent situation..... if need to reserve resources for normally and speedy work of Key.

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    "Other applications during access also take CPU/memory a lot."


    i have new installed Windows 8.1 update 1 (64bit)  from DVD (fresh installed) , fskey is on fact the most consuming task ever on my new installed system (When no big Office is open an using). Only "Creative Audio Service" is running much next on fskey by using 1-2% processor time. This is allready much, creative software often has same problems..


    I write you in this window within google chrome - chrome is now using 0.5% processor time i'am just writing this message, but fskey residing on task bar using 2.5% for nothing.


    On example, my antivirus is consuming same time 0.01% processor time, Any DVD Application on task bar consumed 0.001% , catalyst control center nothing 0%.


    I think you can see by your self   -what is next to do within such thing Smiley Wink


    nice day 



  • Ukko
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    Yes, I already wrote in previous topic - that... F-Secure Key take a lot.. and it's same with other users; My situation with your situation and with Sapeli's situation.  :)

    And Key do that "a lot" during actions with system... and do that "low" without any actions by users.

    And here.. I mean.. that if fskey on taskbar.. it's not matter... because - you able to use "CTRL+F2", for example.

    Also maybe here all other reasons. It's mean during any forms on website/application - F-Secure Key give tips about "you able to use CTRL+F2" and etc.  Some kind of "detection" for help about autofill-tips. So.. it's probably needed to take resources, but maybe it's can be with more "optimisation"-side.


    And that situation... indeed looks like "too much" for application.

    But... it's take "stable"-time.. other application can "take CPU/Memory" for less time.. and it's probably better.


    But maybe not... because:


     - I can see.. how hard work Google Chrome on my outdate systems/hardware; And how it not visible about F-Secure Key;

     - With modern systems/hardware, of course, it's not really visible with "feelings", but just can to take certainly statistics. Which was always with load by Key. But I not feel that during work (not feel.. like it's can be with other applications);





    Just  because I'm not a developer or technican :) I not sure.. how certainly it's can be "worst" for user system (like if battery with laptop; or just processor goes to dead and etc.);


    And not sure.. if it's can be "as design" - if it's just reserved/saved some CPU/Memory (if possible) for work without visible lags, freezing and etc.
    And it's mean... in fact... it's take less cpu/memory. just for some "high load" situations it's reserved.... for prevent any troubles.




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