F-Secure scan stops after scanning 1 file‏



When i tried to do a full computer scan today , I had exactly the same problem as fed. (i have F-Secure Client Security 9.20 build 274 by the way).


Has your problem already beem solved fed? if yes, how? Or do i also have to send a FSDIAG file?


Edit: I've created a FSDIAG file and sent it to the email addres Jayson gave. Hope they have a solution...


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  • Jayson
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    Hi Eightball,


    I have moved your post to End-point Security as F-Secure Client Security is our business product.




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  • Ok thanks!


    (i thought it would be unnecessary to create a separate topic since someone already addressed the same problem)


    I have installed Microsoft Security Essentials now to give my computer a full scan to see if there is any malware causing the problem. I'll update you as soon as the scan has finished.


    by the way I've recently installed a virtual machine for running ubuntu in windows on my computer, can that maybe cause a conflict/problem?



    I've done a full computer check with Microsoft Security Essentials and it did not found any malware. I also have no other issues that could indicate a malware infection, so maybe that is not the issue.


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    please submit a support request and ask for instructions to generate a debug scan.log (it will write to the logfile before the file is scanned)


    Also you might first run a chkdsk to ensure that the File structure is ok. Deleting Temp Files from %user%\temp and %window%\temp is aöso a good idea.




  • hi,

    I've ran a chkdsk and delted temporary files under %user%\temp and %window%\temp . This did not solve the problem.

    I've also uninstalled F-Secure using UITool3-860 recomended by technical support ,deleted the F-Secure folder on my hard drive and reinstalled it, but the issue remained.

    anyway i've submitted the support reques and send a FSDIAG file along with itt.


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