F-Secure Key and Windows Phone 8



Is it useful to use F-Secure key if I'm using Windows Phone 8? Is there any way to use Key with WP8? If not, is there any plans for WP8?



  • Bayani
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    Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8 is not yet supported by F-Secure Key. A version for this OS might be released in the future, but we have got no info about if and when at the time being.

  • Maaps-UK
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    We would also like to express our frustration over the lack of support/application for Windows phone.  Puzzled that more focus and attention is not routinely given to integrating PC/Windows Phone platforms.  We can't have been the only business to have organised our office to exploit connectivity between devices within the Windows 8.1 environment.  You're clever guys... get on with rolling out a solution!  Thanks.

  • suominena
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    Totally agree with Maaps-UK. Also in enterprise world the use Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 are very popular, so it would be a prefect match to have the WP version as well. It cannot be that difficult to make. Ignoring the 3rd ecosystem of the mobile OS's is just as ignoring the huge amount of their users. Your products are good and at the present also installed in our company (as well as in my private) PC's, so treat the Windows ecosystem including the WP users with the same good products all over.

  • las97
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    Have you got any new information about F-Secure KEY for Windows Phones?

  • Thank you Windows Phone users for voicing your need towards the KEY app on your platform! This helps us to understand what is needed. We do not have a WP version out yet and we are looking into what would be the appropriate model for making the WP version, now that Windows 10 will soon be out. A very big majority of mobile users are using Androids and iOS devices so it's a priority setting question for us how to address the smaller platforms, like Windows Phone, Chromebook, Jolla or other Linux platforms. Your voice has been heard!

  • Jariq
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    Another request for WP 8.1 here!


    I would really like to be able to use your product, but without an app for my smartphone it's not very likely. :/ I hope that with Windows 10, there'll be a universal app for KEY!

  • Still no F-Sercure key for Windows mobile... any plans to bring this availble?

    Very fustrating...



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