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How PMS will handle if we use mac address as host idenfication? is it will register the hosts or consider it as one?



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    Thanks Jouni for the confirmation and clarification.


    we already deployed 10k++ client security with mac address as unique id. is there any way to change it to the hosts as we sure have problems to find out which one are conflicted.

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    You can reset the host UID using FSMAUTIL (F-Secure Management Agent Utility). One way to do this would be adding a command to user login script. This utility is typically located in the "<program_installpath>\F-Secure\Common" directory.


    FSMAUTIL RESETUID {SMBIOSGUID | RANDOMGUID | WINS | MAC} [APPLYNOW] - Regenerate the host Unique Identity.


    SMBIOSGUID - use SMBIOS GUID as host Unique Identity
    RANDOMGUID - use randomly generated GUID as host Unique Identity
    WINS - use WINS (NetBIOS) name as host Unique Identity
    MAC - use WINS (NetBIOS) name as host Unique Identity
    APPLYNOW - restart F-Secure Management Agent to regenerate the host Unique Identity and take it into use immediately



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    Thanks guys..

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