How do I easily change passwords?

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To change a password I use F-Secure Key to log on to the website, then go to change password page.  I then get F-Secure Key to enter my old password.  This is where it starts to get untidy as there is not an option to enter a single password so I select Password and Password and all 3 boxes are populated (old pwd and new pwd and confirm pwd).  I then delete the new pwd and confirm pwd, then go to F-Secure Key and generate and save my new password; back to website, put cursor in new pwd field and then select F-Secure Key "Password and Password".


Is there an easier way?  If not, then can we have a "Single Password" button in the dialogue box for entering the old password?


Key / Firefox 29


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    Ukko, thank you for this info, with cursor in old password field and pressing Ctrl + website description from the list added the old password as required. Is there any info on other shortcuts?  Support > Documentation does not have anything for F-Secure Key.

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    You can to try open F-Secure Key UI and check "Settings" (side-menu); Here should be place-option-link about "Help" (where also have "About" and etc.);

    If choose that.. should be open that page by Knowledge Base(or close to that):


    Here not all information can be already actual, but here can be descriptions for "same information"; But I'm not sure in that, because not re-check it now. :)


    So.... addition things afer "CTRL+F2" (which I use)


    Except CTRL+entry (password only);

    Also can be SHIFT+entry (just username) and SHIFT+CTRL+entry (will be both - password and username, but with another kind of fill - not just like by CTRL+F2)


    Current information was in one of topics, where F-Secure Key team explained about current "shortcuts/hotkeys". If something else here can be... so.. just F-Secure Key team maybe able to help with that.

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