Key Doesn't Show Saved Accounts

When I login to key with master password it connects but will not show any saved accounts.  Will not search and find accounts.  Do not see anyway to have it list accounts.  Used to work fine.  Version 1.5.145  Windows 7 64bit  Thanks



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    Does you mean.. that after your login in F-Secure Key with master-password...


    Simply just "window" without something?! Or just without your entries/accounts-information, but with able to create new one or connect devices.... something like user-interface (and available-feature for goes to settings)?


    If it's like.. just "window" without something (if I good understand your situation)... it's, of course, strange.

    Does it's happened one time?! Already you did restart for system and etc.!?


    It's possible to close F-Secure Key (by tray-picture/quit) and start again with normally view?!


    Or simply already without something like your accounts-information..... and it's visible to create new one or do other actions? It's will be more strange. :)


    Sorry for questions.

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    Hi  Yes when I login I get window to create new password or sync but nothing else.  Am able to go to settings and such but like accounts have disapered.  Yes can close from tray icon but when start again same problem  Just will not show accounts,everything seems to work but no accounts. Big job to enter everthing again.

  • Ukko
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    It's indeed so strange.

    Just one else question - we talk about able to create "just passwords, which can to add like entry - with description/URL/etc.";  and we not talk about window, where able to create "just new master-password" (if that variant - probably need to ignore my next words... and read just end of my reply);

    Maybe F-Secure Key team already meet something same, but they probably can to answer.. just tomorrow.......





    I not sure.. that I know how it's happened... But.. what if it will be helpful for other situations or just will try to understand it.

    Some question else:


      - do you have sync with anyone else devices?! Can be any places, where your passwords some kind of "backup"?


    It's can be helpful.. if current situation not possible to fix... or will be something wrong.



    How about next situation:

    - do you have some user-accotuns in system?

    - can be situation, when some user-accounts have installed F-Secure Key and it's have one master-password (probably - if it's not changed - F-Secure Key User Data not transfered between user accounts in system - it's for each user-system-account - each User Data - but I not check it now)?!

    - and if it's can be... so.. maybe you login by user (I mean Windows user), where.... user data - clean!? :)


    Sorry... for strange suggestion.






    Just because..... if your User Data start be broken.. it's should be just ask about "Create new Master Password" (like new Account) and related things.  For example, with latest version it's also should be same - like related trouble -


    And here was fixed by "repair installation" - it's will be if you launch "installer" again (when F-Secure Key already installed).

    Before that.. step... I recommend to check.. what if you able to "get your passwords/accounts-information" with another steps. :)


    Because if your "old" master-password work and it's ask during "login"...


    So.... it's mean... something goes wrong (?!) and passwords/accounts-information are missing?! But I not sure.. that it's can be logical (just spoiler-version... but it's some kind of strange version. probably here something another).


    Sorry for my hard explanation (which hard to understand).

  • howard12
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    Hi  Thanks for reply  Now screen is asking to create account.  Tried running repair of installation  no go  Thanks 4 your help Think I will uninstall Key and use a different  manager  Don't think it is ready for prime time Don't want to waste more time on what should be a simple app.  Thanks again for your help!!!!

  • Ukko
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    I totally understand point about "too much time for simple application"... it's probably certainly like that.

    But for my opinion... F-Secure Key indeed close to that (here I mean.. less time to high-security-protection for user data; and for use it. And it's start be better with each new release). I not sure how it will be with another password-managers, passwords-storage and etc (because I not really love same applications and not use it so often) - but... probably it's will be with a lot of troubles - and maybe with more troubles, than Key have.


    And also I ignore here "security"-status, which F-Secure Key some kind of "close to best". Any other password-managers can be with a lot of "high risk"-technologies/design, which can be dangerous for user-data.


    I think... you meet so strange situation... and it's can be fixed.. just if it will be totally "clear" - what happened.


    Anyway.. if you decide to try F-Secure Key else one time... I can to recommend just next points (I do that..., for example):


     - If you don't use sync between devices (it's, of course, also can be trouble in somewhat reasons).... which can be like "backup" for your passwords and etc. So:


     - It's able to do next thing.... which already can to help.. when something goes wrong.. and already you need just to do "simply steps".


    When you add all entries/passwords/account-information... just do "export"-feature from Key.

    And save it to any text-editor.  Save that file.... and put to storage for any places... which can be "protected".

    After that steps.. all your steps to recovery passwords will be :

      - get that "export"-file... and do import :)



    Maybe in your situation something goes wrong around sync or "User-Data"-file. Maybe something else.
    Sadly that it's happened. Also.. sorry... if it's known sitation and F-Secure Key can to give for you fast and speedy answer - about how it possible to fix.


    Probably if you ready to use another manager..... and it's mean - add your passwords again.

    You able to try use Key again with "clean installation" (like uninstall F-Secure Key and F-Secure Key UserData) and after that... use "tips" about backup.

    It's also related with situation... when trouble here... not just "passwords should be known" (which can be just printed after export).... but situation.. for fast recover it.


    Sorry for long reply Smiley Sad

  • howard12
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    HI Again  OK will wait a couple days and see if F Secure can fix problem,if not will uninstall.  Bye and Thanks

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