User interface and automatic password typing by Key do not always work

Aimo Posts: 18

Every now and then Key looses its user interface: When I launch Key, only the window borders are displayed, but not contents. There's no search field or anything. I need to logout and login again to get it to work. This has happened several times now.


Further, there are issues with web page password field filling:

1) On Facebook login, the password is typed correctly, but then the field is cleared about 1 sec later. I must be very very quick to cliick on the submit button.

2) does not work at all: Key is not able to enter the password.

3) truecrypt has the same issue as, albeit expectedly



  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Posts: 438

    Hi Aimo!


    Just following-up on this old post which I noticed has not received any replies, but you have had other open topics in the Key forum since then - so I wanted to make sure that these older issues have been solved?  If not, I'll make sure to escalate the issue and get you some answers!


    // Chrissy

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