Lost account connection on Windows 8.1 after update to 1.5.145

Not good... (but saved by repair install)


Updated on laptop, worked until next reboot. But then, suddenly, when starting I got "create new account" / "connect account" choice.


And my other connected device is at home. Phone I'm carrying is Windows Phone ==> no F-S Key.



While already writing this I tried "Repair installation" and it solved the problem.


I also had "no master password field" and "high cpu" issues discussed in other threads and this almost made me ditch the sw and go back to <classified>.

You are on short leash now...


  • Bayani
    Bayani Posts: 58

    Hi rustydba,


    Thank you for your feedback.


    I just reported in this issue for further investigation. Will keep you posted as soon as there are any news.

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