How can I allow ip camera?



I bought ip camera for baby monitoring, but f-secure blocks it. It shows when I allow all traffic. How can I allow that camera safely? I know the IP of the camera and MAC, but the IP might change.


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    Did you try the following from your camera's manual:

    4. Open Virtual Server Ports to Enable Remote Image Viewing


    Follow these steps to configure your router’s Virtual Server settings


    1. Click Enabled.
    2. Enter a different name for each entry.
    3. Enter your camera’s local IP Address (e.g., in the Private IP field.
    4. Select TCP for HTTP port, and TCP for 5556 - 5559 ports.
    5. If you are using the default camera port settings, enter 80 into the Public and Private Port section, click Apply.
    6. Scheduling should be set to Always so that the camera images can be accessed at any time.


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