Key does not update itself automatically in Win 8

I noticed that there was new version available for windows (as I got automatically update android). I think somewhere was said also windows version should update automatically.


It is also difficult to know if there exists a new version. In the download page you can only select download, no info which version is offered. The only way to know if there is a new version is to start the update (after first downloading the file) and then there is a window telling which version is coming.



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    It's probably not work yet;


    Can be just alert  during launch F-Secure Key - about "new version available" if you use "outdate" version of Key; And that probably work (but I not sure.. how much must be "outdate" version);


    Maybe it will be automatically in next versions (or something like that) - and here information was (or still have) in Knowledge Base - maybe you "listened" that information.


    Also... not certainly need to start installation; But indeed need to download installer (where can to check "settings" - here with information about version); But it's just about current situation :) not about "how it should be" with "how users can to check which version is actual... with less steps);

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    Good morning Sirs!

    We do not have automatic updating for win8 ( or mac) and don't have it planned either. Experiences from other software by the company shows that automatic updates tend to be tricky and troublesome features, so we decided to leave it to a manual status. What we do is just gently remind that there is a newer version available for download and installation. The download link given by the program or the one at the product website always points to the latest and greatest installer. 



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    Well I have not found any link to download page in the Key not have I seen any reminder that there is a newer version available. I have only realized that there might be a newer version when the android has automatically loaded a new version. At least you should add the link and a reminder into the "about window". Now it only shows the current version. And when goind in your web download page it does not show the version which is available. So I have to first download what is awailable and start the update and there you see the new version number. This way checking the update need is too clumsy.

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    Hello timot. 


    Sorry for a late reply. 


    You can always post your ideas about a more visual window/tab/ for uppdates or implement it to the "About" window. 


    The page for ideas can be found here where you press the New idea button. 




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    Manual updating is ok. You just have to remember your users, that are under the category "Home Security". All of us are not very familiar with avoiding register problems. Some of us have learnt the hard way, what our program installations have caused to our machines. We are klicking destroyers of our pcs.


    I would have wanted some information from you, which would have explained how to carry out this updating of F-Secure Key program. One sentence like: you can install the update over the existing version. 


    I didi it this way, but would have been much more relaxed if it wouldn't have been by trial and error method.


    I like your products, but I hate the way this industry (others, too) treats consumers.

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