Problem with F-Secure Key

In the F-Secure Key program the password generator needs to allow me to specify the particular special characters that are allowed.  I have a bank web site where I'm required to use special characters, but only from a list of about 10 of them, others are not allowed.  I've tried generating many of your random passwords, and they always use characters I can't use, but I can't turn off the special character function because I'm required to use some of them.


  • Ukko
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    But you can after "generated" password... edit result by hand;

    Here you can also re-place any "scpecial characters", which not able to use for service; Re-place to another "supported" characters. It's already will be not really "random", but anyway can be still strong password.


    Sorry if with your device... it's not a work.

  • Aimo
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    I will just generate a new random key a few times and one of them will not have the offending character. I'll use that.


    ps. It seems that some sites block at least  ' and " and # and ; used in shell scripting or sql. The need to do that kind of filtering does not give a warm fuzzy feeling about the way things work behind the scenes on those sites... "Hey, someone sent something to us... let's evaluate it as an instruction" Smiley Very Happy



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