Password entry (ctrl+F2) when I have 100+ passwords?

It happens that almost all my web user accounts have my email as my username.

There are over a hundred of these.


If I enter all these into Key, then will I get a list of 100 options when I press ctrl+F2?


Site detection could be nice.




  • Aimo
    Aimo Posts: 18



    It would even be nice to have dynamic filtering:


    1) When I press f, then I would only see sites begining with the letter f.

    2) If i would then after N secons press the - key then I would see logins starting with "f-" and so on.

    3) Until I clear it with backspace, esc, cancel, ...


    I'm sure you can figure out an overall efficient solution.

    >keenly waiting<



    ps. It is strange that sometimes when I ask Key to enter password + password (while entering a new password),

    then key only writes maybe 4 or 5 letters in the first password field and then more in the second. A second attempt generally works as expected. The first entry gets truncated. Strange. On some sites on the other hand, both fields are filled but then after a few seconds the second field (confirmation) gets automagically cleared. The web is full of wonders Smiley Indifferent


  • Hi,

    What is the status of site detection?

    For me missing site detection is the only reason preventing me from moving from LastPass to Key... Smiley Sad

    Nowadays there are so many sites with login so list gets very long and not userfriendly.



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