How to back up F-Secure KEY

I installed F-Secure KEY today and there is one issue I would like to solve. I back up my personal files once a month and if I understood it righ KEY is an offline solution, isn't it? Anyhow, it's quite obvious that I would like to include KEY with stored passwords in to my back up driwe. Where is the folder or file stored on the hard drive?


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    Possibly here you can do some various steps for back up Key entries (not sure about settings and other);


    How already was good tips about local-storage (user data) - it's nice, but maybe it's can be related with situations, when you forget master-password or some other situations - where already that will be without helpful things in use. But just that variant give a "security/protection/etc." by default. Encryption, related with device.... more other points.

    For use that - need just LocalStorage/UserData-file (database).


    If not about "as default" -  also you can "export" your entries (?) and add that to any "text"-editors; Save that on your local drive.

    And, for example, if you use F-Secure younited (like example) - you can upload that file and it's will be like not just local back-up, but also available by younited -cloud-sync-service (where also have protection "as default");

    But here... you need probably create for "text-file" (with export-data) any protection levels; like encryption for file.... or create encrypted-archive with that file... and etc. Which already required any your steps for good realization.


    Also.... like another steps with "export-data" - just use for that any CD/USB (like if "write for disk")/HDD (like if "storage") for certainly back-up... and which not in use in all other situations.

  • But it doesn't not have upload function.... Make me crazy in iPhone version!
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    Did you mean my words about "upload to younited"?


    and if you mean F-Secure Key for iPhone - probably it's same with Android - and it's without any upload-functions; and that same with Windows/Mac versions too.


    if you mean younited for iPhone - probably it's same with Windows Phone - and yes... here able just upload pictures/etc.

    But possibly to use younited by browser/website and here must be able to upload any text-files with export-data from F-Secure Key (probably that function must be in iPhone version too);


    Here I mean - just "hand"-steps for some kind of backups:


    - create export-file about F-Secure Key;  encrypt that file (if need) and upload to any cloud-services (for example, younited by F-Secure); Or just write to CD/another HDD for storage;


     - and probably F-Secure Key now have just one "automatically" sync/backup: between devices, if it's purchased to sync-features; And able like automatically between security-cloud-servers;


    Without any automatically uploads... like was in my words;

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    I have located the folder and it's included in my back-up, although I haven't actually tested or simulated a situation where the computer crashes and the data is lost. But hopefully no one needs to face such situation. Just to be on the safe side I did export the passwords and printed those on paper.

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    So I'm unclear on he process which is holding me back from paying for FS-Key. From what I understand the data isn't stored in the cloud. A phone can't sync to a PC, but a PC can sync to a phone. That being said I would think the phone is the master since if a PC crahes you simply re-isntall and enter the sync code. So what if the phone crashes? Do you rely on an iPhone backup to restore the data correctly?



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    Hello DrYou!

    Talking about 'the cloud' does have an uncertainty. Many people mean different things by the cloud. The data _is_ stored in a cloud, a cloud which is run on servers in finland and hosted by ourself. By ourself I mean f-secure.  Another term that could be used is the good old : 'backend'.


    Synching goes both ways, or actually every ways. All your devices in the synch group add as peers, any of them can edit the data you have and the changes will propagate to the others. If your iphone crashes, you can simply re-install on your iphone, and use your desktop to generate the synch key and have your iphone join back to the synch party!






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    I see theres a new desktop app version, the one I had installed wasn't able to create Sync Keys, I see in the new version this is an option. That would solve my issue/question. 

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