Asensin Key:n mutta miten siis yhdistän vaikkapa gmail tai facebook luomani salasanan alle?

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jelppiä tarttis - ihan nolottaa kun asennuksen jälkeen meni sormi suuhun... jos klikkaan browse, niin kone avaa omat tiedostoni c:llä, mutta haluaisin siis käyttää tätä verkkopankissa, gmailissa ja facebookissa. Miten se tehdään?


  • Ben
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    Hello Leena,


    Unfortunately our community is currently only locaclized in English and German.


    Could you please repost your question in English so the greatest number of members would be able to help you?


    Thank you.


  • Chrissy
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    To briefly paraphrase for our international users:


    Q: When I click Browse, the computer opens the files in C:, but I want to use the passwords online (web banking, gmail, facebook, etc.)  How is this done?


    A: With Key turned on, click CTRL+F2 on the website and it will ask which password combination you wish to use - it does not recognize which website you are on, but lets you choose.  If you don't wish to use CTRL+F2, then click where you would log in on the page and the Key logo will appear - click this to get to your list of passwords.


    BTW: We're working on bringing Finnish to the Community, but for now, English allows visibility of the answers and issues to a more global audience, and not all of our support staff are located in Finland.  But I'm pushing as hard as I can to get Finnish support in here soon Smiley Wink


    // Chrissy

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