Key does not work with in many sites

I just updated to the latest Key version. It was not advertised by my Key but i noticed the new version when took it into another PC.


Good new was that there is now setting for the locking timeout.


But the operation in many sites went worse. Now it is not possible to get the user and password even using shilt and cnttl keys. The version I had earlier woked much better, the first version I had some months ago had same kind of problems but thi latest one is the worse one so far.


Couple of sites: (there are a lot more)




I'm using latest Win8 , Firefox 28.0, latest Key,





  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,356 Superuser



    Probably here can be trouble with:


     - Windows 8.1 (if you mean "latest" like not just Windows 8)

     - Protection-Security software;



    Do you have any protection/AV/IS programs in system?! For example, F-Secure IS?

    If yes - maybe trouble with Banking Protection.


    Anyway... just my experience:


     - "" - autofill (any ctrl/shift/ctrl+f2) work with default browser in Windows 8, but with "some kind of slow-mode";


     - "" - autofill (any ctrl/shift/ctrl+f2) doesn't work in another system during Banking protection (without banking protection it's work) in Google Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer latest versions.

  • timot
    timot Posts: 27

    Yes I have Win 8.1 and F-secure IS with it's banking protection.


    Seems like you say  1. use  IE and 2. banking protection off works.


    Not very professional way from F-secure if their 2 products don't co-operate properly.


    And as I said the earlier version I had worked ok. Don't know the version number anymore.


    Waiting for fixes from F-secure.

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,356 Superuser

    Probably this is related with changes about autofill-functions, which start be more nice in F-Secure Key; but in that/current situation create a "trouble", which probably hard to meet from first - maybe that behavior already fixed in future releases.... if not - really waiting some fixes. and speed reaction for already "known" situation.

  • Lauri_H
    Lauri_H Posts: 59 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello Sirs!

    I verified the peculiar workings of the autofill on one of the sites you mentioned. I'll be sure to bring this up with the team and hope to get a fix in to the next version. Thanks for the info, these sites with 2 password fields are troublesome.



  • timot
    timot Posts: 27


    I made first "ticket" of this 10'th January and the advice to use CNTL and shift keys to get the data. That worked.


    Later (don't remember how long time ago) I had some newer version and worked almost fine , it asked should there be 2 passwords or id + password.


    So the problem is also in the site if they are using two password fields.


    Anyway now it does not work at all. The only way is to use copy in Key application and then paste in browser.

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